Cotton Lycra Scrap Pack
Cotton Lycra Scrap Pack

Cotton Lycra Scrap Pack

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These Scrap packs will be 12 x 12 Scraps and Larger of Cotton Lycra! This Item is a Padded Mailer full so, please order alone no ordering with other items!


• These are Digital Prints 240-250 GSM fabric is 95/5 cotton/spandex Cotton Lycra.  

      • Fabric comes in large rolls and rolled very tightly when cut we will cut with an extra inch for shrinking up and relaxing. Please note that fabric may continue to shrink up to a couple inches.

      • With Short runs there are times small flaws, feathered appearance, or small white spots may appear on the fabric. We try our best to avoid issues of running and fading but at times this will be out of our control. Any Flaws that are a quarter size or smaller will not be disclosed and will be shipped. If there are larger flaws we will disclose this to everyone!

      •Wash on cold and dry on low. If they are dark colors you may want to use a color catcher. We do a sample wash but because everyone's wash routine is different we can not guarantee there won't be any bleeding/fading because of this we will not be held responsible and will not issue refund for this.