Compliance Information

Here at Hush A Bye Fabrics we care about your safety. That’s why everything you get from us is CPSIA Compliant and follows CPSC regulations.

Most of our fabrics are exempt from testing for lead and flammability under 16 CFR 1610 and 16 CFR Part 1500. Any fabric that does need additional testing has had that done, please refer to our Statement of CPSIA Compliance.

Below is a list of our exempt fabric bases:

  • Cotton Lycra: 95%cotton/5%spandex
  • Woven: 100% cotton
  • Athletic Wicking Jersey: 100% polyester

Below are fabric bases that have had testing done:

  • Eco-Green PUL™: 73% polyester/ 27% polyurethane requires lead, and phthlates testing. (Please see our Statement of CPSIA Compliance.)
  • Lush Plush: 92%polyester/8% spandex is exempt from lead testing but requires additional flammability.

More information on our Eco-Green PUL™:

  • Eco-Green PUL™ is considered food safe. It is lead, phthlastes, bpa and heavy metals free. According to the FDA, once the fabric is sewn, it requires outside testing to remain food safe. This is due to crevasse being created during the sewing process.
  • Eco-Green PUL™ is made using a TPU film and is comprised of GRAS materials.
  • Eco-Green PUL™ passes flammability testing as a Class 1 (Normal Flammability).
  • Eco-Green PUL™ is latex, BPA, PVCs, migratable plasticizers, diisocynates and chlorine free.