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What is Eco-Green PUL?

Eco‐Green Pul is made in the USA. It is comprised of two layers and is made using the best materials on the market. Eco‐Green Pul is a 100% polyester interlock fabric that is bonded to a 1mil polyurethane laminate to the back. It is produced using the most Eco friendly process on the market and follows the new guidelines for Pul application. Our Pul does not emit any VOCs during production which is great! This keep the environment and the employees safer during production.
Eco‐Green Pul is CPSIA compliant and meets all CPSC requirements for flammability, lead and phthalates . (Please see our Certs for those with businesses)

(Certs Coming Soon)

Eco‐Green Pul can be washed on hot and dried on low. We DO NOT recommend the uses of bleach, vinegar, stain removers or harsh detergents. Do NOT iron. Eco –Green Pul is great for cloth diapers, bibs, wet-bags, cloth pads and raincoats
Eco‐Green Pul is latex free, BPA free, PVCS free, heavy metals free, migratable plasticizers free and chlorine free

Eco‐Green Pul is made of GRAS materials. It is considered safe to be used around food (wet and dry). Please note that as this is safe to be around food that once it is sewn the final product needs to be tested.

Eco-Green PUL

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