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Let’s gather our materials!

by Genna Barnes on September 17, 2020
We are making an Ai2 using 
The Happy Hippos Diaper Patterns
! I will be sewing up a flexfit, you can do a flexfit, flawless, or newborn.
What you’ll need:
*Pul (available as diaper cuts on the website https://www.hushabyefabric.com/collections/pul )
*A stay dry material, I will be using AWJ, also available on the website (https://www.hushabyefabric.com/.../athletic-wicking-jersey-1)
*snaps (you can get them from Kamsnaps, bigbuttons and some other places)
*Your pattern! Here’s your code to use (HUSHABYE). These patterns are available on her Etsy here (https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheHappyHippos)
*absorbency (whatever you want to make your inserts out of. I will be using bamboo hemp fleece and organic bamboo velour)
*sewing machine
*pattern weights or something to hold your pattern down with
*washable markers, tailors chalk, just something to mark your elastics and snaps with
If you have questions let us know! Happy gathering ❤️